Christian Prep Academy_NCIF Loan
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Years in Business: > 15 years
NCIFund Role: Loans for real estate and equipment purchase
Sector: Child care
Impact: Job creation and vital community services, child care for at-risk students

Pamela Powell started her child care center, Christian Prep Academy, in 1998, and has built a successful and profitable business over the past 19 years.  The Academy carries a 5-star rating from the state of North Carolina—the highest rating a center can receive.  Because of Christian Prep’s stellar rating, the center is able to receive higher reimbursement rates from the state, and is one of just a few centers in the state that has been awarded pre-K slots for at-risk youth.  The center currently enrolls more than 60 youth, and has a maximum enrollment of 90.

The Opportunity

Pamela leased the property until 2017, when she sought financing from Natural Capital Investment Fund (NCIFund) to purchase the property from the landlord.  The Academy was at risk of losing its location due to the “hot” real estate market in the Durham area. The landlord had received several offers to sell the property to residential developers, but he wanted to provide Pamela with an opportunity to continue to operate the Academy in its present location.   Ownership of the center would increase the value and stability of her business, and the annual mortgage payments would be 30 percent less than her lease payments.

NCIFund worked with Pamela to put together a financing package to cover the property’s purchase price and equipment purchases.  NCIFund’s loan serves as the senior loan for a 40 percent participation from the US Small Business Administration 504 program.


With its location secure, Christian Prep Academy is able to continue to provide high quality child care services for at-risk children.  Pamela anticipates hiring three additional child care workers over the next two years to manage the Academy’s growing enrollment.  The Academy provides employees a stipend for health care costs and paid holidays and vacation.

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