NCIF manages over $35 million from private foundations, financial institutions, public agencies and individuals who support our mission of creating environmentally and economically healthy communities in rural and under-served regions of Appalachia and the Southeast.  By growing our pool of capital, investors can help mission-driven entrepreneurs–and their communities–achieve economic and environmental success.

We have a steadfast record of successful business lending: over $34 million lent to 220 companies over 16 years, while maintaining low loss rates. We credit this success to our rigorous underwriting process and the technical assistance we provide to our borrowers.  

We maintain a AA+3 rating from Aeris ®, a third-party auditor of community development financial institutions. We measure and report on our impact through an annual survey of portfolio companies.

To inquire about investing in Natural Capital Investment Fund, contact Marten Jenkins, CEO at (304) 870-2207, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..